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Pro-Property’s accountants are an integral part of the property management team and are supported by the best accounting computer software available.

Accounting  process

Levy collection

Collection of levies determined by yearly budget

Recording and Classifying

Recording and classifying data into a permanent and logical form.

Usually referred to as "Book-keeping"


Summarising data to produce statements and reports that will be useful to the various users of accounting information - both external and internal.

Interpreting and Communicating

Interpreting and communicating the performance of the complex to the management and its owners.

Forecasting and Planning

Forecasting and planning for future operation of the complex by providing management with evaluations of the viability of proposed operations. The key forecasting and planning tool is the "Budget"


  • Preparation of a draft Annual Estimate of Income and Expenditure and the determination of monthly levies.
  • Periodic review of the structure of expenditure.(Cash flow)
  • Calculation of special levies.
  • Assist the Board in presenting the Budget at the Annual General Meeting.


  • The collection and receipt of levies (special levies) and other income.
  • Pro-Property send out statements to owners on a monthly basis.
  • Attending to the collection of outstanding levies - focusing on minimising arrears.
  • Exercising reasonable credit control to the point of commencement of legal action.


  • Verification and payment of accounts. 
  • Payment of salaries, wages, PAYE, UIF, and WCA to statutory bodies. 

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